OOTD: Ruffles and Chokers


Dear Reader,

Today I went to go visit my grandparents for Thanksgiving. The car ride is two hours so I wanted to be comfortable, but I also knew we would be going out to dinner, so I wanted to look cute. Also, it has been super hot in California lately, so sorry if this look is not warm enough. If you want to make it more winter-y I would suggest adding some sheer tights underneath the shorts, doc martens instead of flats, and a cute hat. Anyways, enough of me rambling, on with the outfit!


I have been obsessed with these shorts lately!!  I love how they still have a summery print, while having fall-time colors.  Not to mention they are flattering on anyone and super comfortable!  Shorts: Brandy Melville.  Oh and these sunglasses will probably be featured on this blog a lot.  They are my only pair of sunglasses and I am OBSESSED with them.  Not gonna lie, I would cry if I lost them (and yes I know there are more important things in life than sunglasses).  Sunglasses: Thrifted.


I just threw my hair into a simple top knot.


I am obsessed with this shirt because of the flowy sleeves!!  Sure, they get caught on everything, but they make me feel like a bird…  So it’s worth getting caught on a few things!  Shirt: Thrifted.


An awk candid shot (shoutout to dad for being the photographer).  But I included this lil pic to showcase the back of the outfit.  The back is JUST as important as the front!!

IMG_1511.JPG One last lil pic of the outfit.


Oh and I also wore a dainty sun-moon ring on my finger.  Ring: Brandy Melville


Here is the choker I wore.  I have been obsessed with chokers lately (as in wearing them with every outfit even if it doesn’t quite go)!  I will probably do a post soon about styling chokers…  This one is from luna laces.  Really cheap prices, good quality, lots of chokers to choose from, but shipping takes forever!  Choker: http://lunalacesstore.tictail.com

IMG_1516.JPGHere it is up close and personal.


Typically, when I wear chokers I layer necklaces with them…  I love layering the sun one with this dainty lil elephant!  Necklace: Boutique

IMG_1518.JPGAnd lastly, theses are the shoes…   Just simple black flats. Shoes: Target

Thanks for reading!!  Also, my apologies for the not so great photos, I was in a rush to get to my grandma’s house… I will have better photos next time(:

XOXO- BarbaraMari

Disclaimer: All the photos were taken by me, except for the first photo that was made on Polyvore.

Disclaimer: The first photo at the top of the page was made using Polyvore. All of the other photos in this blog post are mine.


Dear world,

Hello.  My name is Barbara Mari and I am 15 years old.  I am starting this blog because I want a place to express my feeling and sense of style.  That being said, I do not really have a distinct sense of style, but hopefully you will tag along to get a taste of my style.  Wow I just typed “style” a lot.  Anyways I will be blogging about fashion and other miscellaneous subjects on this blog….  Hopefully I figure out how to upload this!

XOXO   –BarbaraMari