Trend Alert: Running Shoes


made on Polyvore (photos are not mine)

Dear Readers,

This trend is probably one of my most favorite trends ever!  I am literally obsessed with running shoes.  I love how comfy they are and that they can be worn with pretty much anything.  Although these came into style a while ago, I do not see them going out of style for a very long time.  They are simply too comfortable!  I cultivated the obsession with these shoes on my recent trip to Paris and have since worn my Nikes almost every day I have been home!  My favorite running shoes are the ones with simple designs, I love how they match anything and look super sleek and futuristic.  Here are my top brand recommendations:

1.  Any shoes from Nike.  No joke, I keep this site open just to stalk the shoes on the daily.  My favorite shoes from them are pictured above, but like I said, I LOVE ALL THEIR SHOES

2.  Adidas.  I saw a whole lot of these shoes in Paris, specifically this kind


Taken from the Adidas site. Aren’t they the cutest!?

3.  And don’t forget Puma.  I still remember my first pair of shoes from there *heart eyes emoji*

Anyways, thanks for reading this post!  It was super short and down to the point, but I still had tons of fun writing it! xoxo –BarbaraMari

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