I’m still alive!!

Hey everybody,
Thank you so much for all the likes, follows, and comments I have received in this blog. Although I have only posted 4 posts, I have found blogging to be a great creative output. I love writing about fashion and discovering new fashion blogs on the wordpress community! I just wanted to apologize for the lack of posts, December has been a crazy month and I have spent the last two weeks in Paris (sans wifi). On the bright side, I have some great posts planned and will be posting frequently again. Thanks for all the love and support😘

XOXO ~BarbaraMari

Also, this was posted on my iPhone so sorry for any typos… This is also my second time writing this (the first one got deleted) (technology hates me) so my apologies for the briefness✨

Now here is a picture of Paris! If I can figure out how to post pics thru the iPhone app…




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