Trend Alert: Berry Lips


So today I decided to cover my first ever trend on this blog.  I am not typically someone that follows trends, but when there is a trend that I like, I am all over it.  Coincidentally, berry lips are one of those trends.

I used to never wear these dark shades ( I was too afraid), but I recently mustered up the courage to rock these colors, and have become addicted.  I think part of the reason I am so drawn to dramatic lip colors is because when a woman wears bold makeup, she makes a statement and stands out.  By rocking these dark lip colors, it automatically looks like the wearer (that doesn’t sound right…  wearee?) has confidence in herself, even if she doesn’t actually (fake it till you make it!).  Basically, it shows that you are and independent woman and doesn’t care what no man thinks!!

Nevertheless, berry lipstick is a timeless trend that always comes into style around fall and winter, always looking classy and crisp.  It looks good with virtually any outfit and never fails to make a statement.

Some of my favorite berry lipsticks:

  • Revlon- Black Cherr
  • Mac- Craving 
  • Nars- Vivien 
  • Clinique- Matte Plum 



here I am wearing revlon’s black cherry lookin very teenage angst-y

XOXO –BarbaraMari

Disclaimer: The first photo at the top of the page was made using Polyvore. All of the other photos in this blog post are mine.


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